back to the lab with a pen and a pad…

it’s been a long time, i shouldn’t a left you, without a strong rhyme to step to.

so here’s a quick update at the very least. i’ll try to be succinct.

there have been two trips to detroit for movement since the last time i posted and they were both fantastic. i always have a great time in the motor city. it’s just such a shame what’s been happening there and how it’s slowly (not so slowly) turning into a ghost town.

as you may have guessed there are tonnes of photos that have been upped to instagram that i haven’t gotten around to posting but that’s because i sort of lost touch with this place. i think i came here because i felt like i was missing something. like some part of me just wasn’t being heard. well maybe it’s because that feeling has changed or maybe it’s because i just feel like i’m insanely busy but for whatever reason i’ve come back to say hi quickly and let you know i’m alive.

so, i’ve been in a 9 week long boot camp to brush up on my html/css/js/ror/ruby skillz and basically the class has been kicking my ass. it’s amazing and i love every minute and i can’t wait to build stuff and keep learning more.

i’ll do my best to keep updating this but if you don’t hear from me in the next little bit, add me on instagram. it’s pretty much the best place to find out anything i’m up to these days.

talk soon.

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