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earworm of the day: polaroids of polar bears

alexisonfire have broken up and i’m not really sad about that. i’m just old enough to have been there near the beginning when they were still just skinny angry little nerds playing pop punk/hardcore. there really weren’t many bands doing … Continue reading

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just the other day…

i’m not sure why it took me so long to realize this but (seemingly) most dubstep is now just trance with a different drum pattern. have a good listen to almost any newish track and you’ll hear it too. same … Continue reading

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the only honest love song

one of my closest friends re-enacted the scott pilgrim movie for me and told me all about the ending. i now have nothing but contempt for the film. casting decisions aside, what kind of movie tells it’s audience that the … Continue reading

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i was in the right place but it must a bin the wrong time

does anyone else have a problem with the way apple keeps saying they have a “curated” application market? there is nothing about their store that resembles curating with the tiny semantic exception that they get to pick and choose what … Continue reading

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get up stand up, don’t give up the fight

i’m just going to keep writing about this until i hear that people are doing something about it. do you own an mp3 player? a digital camera that can accept storage cards? a computer or any other device that will … Continue reading

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fill their heads with empty phrases, master celebrator

shepard fairey has been getting a tonne of press lately and that’s exactly what he wants. i’m buying into it. i admit it, and i shouldn’t because i don’t like giving people free press when they don’t deserve it but i’m … Continue reading

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but probably she don’t…probably she don’t…

you may not recall but i wrote a blurb about scott pilgrim a while back and shortly afterward heard they were developing it into a movie. i was ecstatic. really. i loved these books and now some brave genius was … Continue reading

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just give me a reason to love you

yes that is an odd little tapestry sewn on dante’s chest. no it doesn’t make any sense nor should it. this game is obviously more about attempting to shock people than anything else and it shows in the first poorly … Continue reading

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in my time…

when i was in my mid to late teens i spent too many hours in records stores, shows or discussing music with people that liked bands no one has heard of. when i wasn’t doing that, i was reading liner … Continue reading

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get illuminated cause the old state starts to rust

you know me. i hate things that other people like. not to say that once other people start liking something i like i start to hate it but that has happened on occasion. i can’t help it. i’m just one … Continue reading

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